Initial Consultation - Mental Skills Assessment

The initial consultation includes a mental skills assessment, which is designed to gain a better understanding of the client’s current mental training skills and discuss additional tools that can be used to build mental toughness.

Individual Mental Performance Sessions

Individual mental performance sessions are customized to the athlete and will begin with an initial assessment to identify athlete strengths and areas that can be improved. Based on the assessment, athletes will receive individualized coaching and mental skills training to address their unique needs. Mental performance coaching is effective not only for athletes facing specific challenges but also for athletes who would like to learn how to improve the quality and consistency of their performances. Between sessions, athletes will continue to perfect their mental skills abilities through training plans and logs that will be created with the client.

Group Mental Performance Workshops

Workshops are a great way to introduce fundamental mental training skills to your team. These workshops will include education on topics such as Pre-Race Preparation and Goal Setting, Thought Control (Self-Talk), Imagery Development and Application, and Pre-Competition Relaxation and Activation*. Workshops will be delivered in an interactive and engaging environment through presentations and group activities to introduce and reinforce the mental skills. By the end of the workshop, athletes should have a good understanding of the mental skill and understand how to apply it to their own training and competition plan.

For additional information about group workshops, seminars, on-site training/competition support, or any other custom packages, please contact us directly

*Workshop topics can be customized to your group's needs